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Thank you Khaled for treating my calf and foot pain that had stopped me from running. You were great at working out what the underlying problem was and explaining it to me. The treatment and the exercises you gave me to do have made a real and lasting difference- Im back running again pain and injury free.

Nadia (Cambridge)

I was referred to Khaled for respiratory physiotherapy due to loss of voice, breathing difficulties and chest pain. By using a combination of techniques, IMS, physiotherapy and breathing exercises I did religiously at home, you sorted out the problems which had been on going for many weeks and enabled me to get back to work and my normal life. IMS is truly an amazing technique and Khaled is one of a minority of physiotherapists qualified to use it. This, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience means that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone.


Julie, Peterborough

In summer I picked up an Achilles tendon condition which did not bode well for my event-packed autumn. With my first triathlon looming, followed swiftly by a half-marathon and a 10k run, I was thinking I would have to miss all of them. But with Khaled treatment and the regime he set me as homework put me to rights in good time. I ran the triathlon 10k with minimal discomfort and followed that with personal bests for half-marathon and 10k run. By the latter I had no qualms about my tendon and managed a great sprint finish.  Thanks to you, I had one of the best months of running I have ever had and after each event he was the first person I say a huge, and frankly, emotional, ‘thank you!’

David, Cambridge.

I was suffering from debilitating sciatica from a herniated disc and I was getting nowhere fast through traditional NHS routes (apart from being prescribed ever stronger drugs). After just one session with Khaled, I experienced more progress than in the whole previous 6 months. You used a combination of traditional physiotherapy approaches combined with IMS (Intra Muscular Stimulation) to achieve what I can only describe as miraculous results. He has a very caring and professional approach and ensured that I was fully educated about my issue and how to prevent it from occurring again. I have pointed at least 30 people in Khaled's direction since then and they all report similar results.

Nick Meredith (Therapist and Coach)

I am just writing to thank you for all your help in making sure that I was fit to run the Manchester Marathon recently. When I picked up a hip injury 8 weeks before and no matter what I did there was no improvement, I thought there was no hope. The combination of exercises that you gave me, physiotherapy and intramuscular stimulation treatment was brilliant and the improvement in a few short weeks was way above my expectations!

I really didn’t think that I would even get to run, let alone do the time that I did (a PB of 38 minutes) Thanks again !

Rachel Medelton

'After 14 years of continuous running, I had been suffering with calf pulls and strains for over 2 years. I was on the verge of quitting running altogether when a friend of mine recommended Khaled. During the first session, you identified that my calf injuries were not rooted in my legs, but in a lack of mobility in my lower back. 4 or 5 sessions of combined Intra-muscular stimulation with physiotherapy treatment techniques and some stretching exercises that I was given to do at home, and I've not looked back. I saw Khaled in Nov-Dec 2013 and have since then I've run 5 marathons! I cannot speak highly enough of his subject matter knowledge and friendly yet professional approach.

'Gary Masters - Yaxley Runners and Joggers

For several weeks my daughter was suffering from knee pain due to intense tennis training. After three sessions , I am very pleased with the knowledge and care my daughter received from Khaled. Since her last visit to you, she has no pain whatsoever. Thank you very much


Dr. Ishak Pam

Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding treatment given to me on my lower back as well as the Gait Scan / orthotic corrective therapy I received for my bad knees and feet. Ever since your treatment I have not experienced any aches in my lower back. I am able to get peaceful sleep through the night without having to wake up, disturbed with aches. As for the orthotics given to me, it has worked like a charm! I no longer experience any discomfort in my knees and I am able to walk with ease having my instep well supported. You are truly phenomenal! Keep up the great work!

Dillnaz Ally - Complementary Therapist

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